Friday, January 9, 2009

Gupta's Gumption, Grief Over Gaza, and Gender Neutral Goodness

Oh dear, our commute to Farragut Square has been downgraded from miserable to obamanable. Obama's move to the Hay Adams Hotel (while in exile from Blair House) has shut down several nearby city blocks. Consider this our formal protest against the guys with machine guns patrolling the perimeter just outside our office windows.


Gaza continues to be an unrelentingly brutal situation. The entire mediasphere is walking on eggshells as it attempts balance between Cain and Abel, so it's up to the blogosphere to provide the heated debate. And, boy, is everyone piling on. Even Progressive Communicators of DC 's tame little listserv felt the fire. Along with Obama and the dire global economy, this will remain a top story for a long time.

It's official! The bailout is the best game in town. If you can't personally get a few trillion, just tie all of your messaging to the issue and watch your PR dollars flow in. We'll supply the mad libs just for fun. O's speech this week was a show of forcefulness by one of the only guys in Washington cool enough to hang with Spider-Man.
Harry Reid: Stop the confusing and annoying contradictory press releases NOW. With MN, IL, and NY up in the air and our city full of freshmen Senators and lobbyists a-dither trying to find the political epicenter, we need some calm and quiet leadership. So let's start the people's business! Meanwhile we'll try to get that image of Franken in tight pants out of our heads.
Hill will be on the Hill next week for her confirmation hearings. Who wudda thunk she'd speed right through the process? Could it be the spoils of playing the insider game so well these many years?

Bruuuuuuuce. (Sorry, had to get that out of our system.) Rumors are buzzing that The Boss will be part of the free Inaugeral Concert at the Lincoln Memorial. It would make a joyous birthday surprise for our editor if nothing else. Do the right thing E Street!

While we're on the subject, we'd love to share an NPR internal memo. Apparently reporters covering the Inaucalypse are expected to supply their own astronaut diapers and Meals-Ready-to-Eat. Cots, however, will be provided in the NPR cafeteria, as no one is expected to be able to enter or leave the city for the duration. Hunker down, folks!

The Week That Was

West Wing paging Dr. Gupta! Surgeon General? Surgeon General?! Not since C. Everett Koop has the health-spokesperson-in-chief had such star power. Could this be the beginning of the cable news invasion of government?

For the record: TMZ gets the gold medal for headlines this week: "Porn Kings to D.C. - Help Us Through Hard Time." Silver goes to CNN's crawl line: "Porn Industry Needs Stimulus." If you spotted any other that's-what-SHE-said-worthy headlines, enter 'em in the comments and we'll give you your due props.

Twitter is no Fort Knox, as any 20-something knows. Still, it's alarming how many high profile Twitter accounts have fallen victim to hackers. Sometimes of course, as with Shaq's bizarre messages, it's hard to tell whether hacking has occurred. Just be vigilant -- if it can happen to Britney, it can happen to you.

An un-armed teenager was shot in Oakland, instantly followed by online footage of the incident and a subsequent riot. Once again, the Internet showcases the power of citizen journalism. So the psychotic Ann Coulter is NOT banned from the Today show after all. Despite Media Matters' best efforts, NBC simply bumped her to another day.

Joe the Plumber goes to war! He'll be reporting for the conservative website Pajamas TV (we haven't heard of it either) to get an on-the-street perspective in Gaza. Odds are they don't need a guy whose credibility is rivaled by the GEICO lizard, um, "illuminating" that situation.

Coming in under the radar, Congress will now be adopting gender-neutral designations for leadership, i.e. "Chair" instead of "chairman/chairwoman." Somehow we suspect Thomas Jefferson would have come up with a more elegant solution than to call people furniture. And the Queen of Snark wonders... will the Chair ask us to table our "dish"?

The NY Times reported this week on... the NY Times. The decline of newspapers and the crap economy forced the paper to (horrors!) add ads to the front page. CBS had first honors with a 2-1/2" ad across the bottom. Worry not! The Gray Lady clings to her dignity by keeping the ads "below the fold." They may be right in front, but not side-by-side with the day's breaking world news story (we can see it now... "Atrocities in Gaza! Got Milk?"). Goodbye, Kinko's, late-night savior of our college term papers and printer of our activist manifestos. With quality and service recently in decline, FedEx (which acquired Kinko's in '04) decided to ditch the brand in favor of "FedEx Office." If service doesn't improve, the stellar FedEx brand will take the hit.


The unemployment spike and Gaza derailed virtually every other story for the time being. But the year is young and we expect a comeback next week. Stay warm!


Gloria said...

Yo, of course we know Pajamas TV!

The CRANK said...

Of course you don't -- even if you watch/check out its websites, etc. The world will benefit from Joe the Plumber's take on lots of things -- just not you weanie headed liberals.

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