Friday, October 3, 2008

More Veep Commentary from Facebook-Land

The Queen's love for Facebook shouldn't be called an obsession. She's part of the new wave! Here are some of her favorite status updates from the debates last night and this morning. Excellent job, all!
Eli Pariser has a few follow-up questions.

Patrick Ruffini is rejoicing at Palins' big win.

Cliff Schecter is wondering if Sarah Palin thinks Hamas is best served with pita bread.

Matt Stoller feels like he's blogging a soap opera where nothing happens. And, for some reason, Joe Biden is in it.

Sheryl Canter is just as afraid as the Queen that Palin likes the extra-legal, extra-constitutional, Cheney-like VP powers. And we are both relieved Biden has actually read the Constitution and can quote it live on TV.

Tamar Abrams is so worried about the evil Castro Brothers, who Sarah P. warned us against last night. I bought a sofa from them last year. I didn't know they were EVIL!!!!!

Will Robinson is recovering from a betcha and doggonit hangover.

Marc Chimes doesn't have to answer the questions either. No black lady who's writing a book about Obama is gonna be the boss of me...

Nicole St. Clair Knobloch is turning it off, turning it on, trying with and without sound.

Ted Leonsis wants everyone to know that "no one is perfect."

Aaron Matthew Arnwine says that us bitter clingers, holding our guns and our bibles, witnessed what we hoped and expected - Krauthammer, Parker, et. al. can suck on it.

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