Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bad Politics? Awesome Puns!

Sooooooo... yeah.

The rumor-machine has transformed into, well, a Decepticon, and I'm edging towards overwhelmed. I get new emails about Palin every day; everywhere I go, people are talking about Palin; my own mother figured out how to IM me so she could talk about Palin. There are those who would say that any press is good press. But is this good press, or pure literary gold? When the Examiner editors are having a field day as good as this one (see below, left), the answer is obvious.

I'll let you share your own opinions about Palin, Palin, Palin (in the comments section, natch) but here're some juicy tidbits to get you going. Yeehaw! Blog Round-Up!
  • Save the best for first: US Weekly had an awesome cover.
  • Lindsay Lohan is making sense, so you KNOW that something weird is going on. (Yeah, that's right, we just linked to Lindsay Lohan's Myspace.)
  • Oh, what the hell, we'll link to Perez too, since he let us know about the babby daddy. Whom we'll see at RNC08. We quote: "Sarah Palin is scheduled to address the Republicans tonight and, traditionally, her family - which now includes Levi - would join her at the conclusion of her speech."
  • Oh, Michelle Malkin has an opinion.
  • The Economist also used a great pun and told Republicans to "stay the course." Despite, uh, y'know. Her.
  • The Caucus has a nice run-down of how she's been preparing for the convention, in case you were wondering. We weren't, but now we know.
  • Teen pregnancy is "in" for fall. Thanks, CNN. Oh, and by the way, guys, John McCain doesn't like you anymore.
  • culture kitchen shows that, really, no one was prepared for all this. Poor planning. (Aaah, more puns!)
  • Daily Kos teaches Johnny Boy a thing or two about Judgment Day. (OMG, creationism puns!)
  • Alas! A Blog takes on the abortion issue. (No puns. Not funny at all.)
  • Debra Saunders defends, and a lion of a pun in the headline: The Palin Feeding Frenzy.
  • Break-Away Sarah!
  • Conspiracy theories!
  • Sex scandals!
  • And, finally, my favorite... a FUN NEW GAME! Even better than Jack Bauer.
What have we learned, children? Sarah Palin is not only the mother of five; she's inspired unabashed creativity in editors, writers, bloggers and college students everywhere. It's more of a word-play party than we could ever have imagined. Like many of you, I'm simultaneously amused and horrified.

(What, you want more? Read her blog.)


Anonymous said...

This Republican convention must be the GOP 'exit strategy'; no way they can think they have a serious chance at winning the presidential election. And anyone who does is seriously out-of-touch with what's going on in this country. I looked at the makeup of the crowd last night [at the RNC], and it seemed as if it were a "Good Ole Boy" party. No Hispanics, Asians, or Blacks to be seen....or heard. Shouldn't one's political party be inclusive of such diversity??!? It was truly sad; and Laura Bush's robotic speech last night, followed by Dubya's call for unity.... the ghosts Ronald Regan and Richard Nixon must be doing bonkers {"What have you done to the party?!!?!"}. And then to find out that committee that vetted Palin interviewed and offered her the job at the last-minute shows you how the GOP is completely unorganized. Dubya has set the Republican party back at least 8 years. Why don't they just save us all the trouble--and spare themselves further embarassment and have McCain and Palin give their concession speeches tomorrow night. I've seen some politicial mismatches, but this is the greatest disparity I've seen between two candidates for Pres and VP. It's like a Pro football team vs. a high school team.

Anonymous said...

Also....McCain wrapped up the GOP race for president well before Obama, and you're telling me that the best person they could find for a running mate is someone like Palin??!? This is in no way inteded to knock her because she's a woman or because of her beliefs; it's just you'd think the GOP could find someone of more substance and experience.

Gloria said...

And OMG, the Republican spin machine is driving me crazy! They're all over the media for picking on a poor 17-year-old girl who "made a mistak." Life happens. Bristol's not the VP candidate. Yada, yada.

Right - like they didn't start it - this vicious personal sniping - by totally chewing up Bill Clinton and spitting him out during Monica Gate.

I'd much rather have a leader who is a great father (look at how Chelsea turned out!) but kind of a lousy husband, than a leader who's not such a great parent - who fails to take care of things at home, yet is willing to turn her back on it all (including disabled infant) to chase one of the most high-pressure jobs in the world for which she knows she's not qualified.

There IS a reason a national leader is often referred to as the mother or father of the country. In Palin's case, she can't take care of her own family, so how could she take care of this country?

SnarkQueen said...

Arts and Culture Minister!!! You are BRILLIANT!!!! The Palin-fest has me gasping with laughter.

And LOOK how quickly she has chased Obama hagiography from the headlines! We'd much rather dish about Northern Exposure meets Legally Blonde than a possible real leader!

Btw, a little Alaskan birdie told me that one of Gov. Palin's SUVs has a bumper sticker that says "Alaska may be cold, but it's governor is HOT."

What a ditz! I really dig this chick. If only she weren't James Dobson in drag so I could vote for her.

Anonymous said...

OUCH Gloria!! LOL LOL Be careful how you swing that "sword" (keyboard) some of us might get hurt...LOL LOL!!

But you're right....you can't get around her daughter being pregnant at 17; indeed it's 'nobody's business', but when you're riding the "Titanic"....well u know what happened...LMAO LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

You know, when I first heard that Sarah Palin was McCain's pick for VP I thought he went off the deep end. And then I thought, well its because she's a woman, and then I realized, he had plenty of other women on his short list who would have been far more qualified. So I thought to myself, he must have SOMETHING up his sleeve, something we don't yet know and when we find out we're gonna be like "HOLY SHIT WE DIDNT SEE THAT COMING OHMYGOD." But now I have a feeling that this whole pregnancy thing might have been what he had up his sleeve, and while we didn't see it coming, I'm back to thinking he went off the deep end...

CyndyM said...

Last night, Jon Stewart pointed out that Palin's formal public statement about her daughter's pregnancy included the ollowing "We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby...".

Ah, so it was Bristol's CHOICE, eh? It's a shame that if Palin has anything to say about it, none of the rest of the women in America will retain that freedom.

Carolina Dreaming said...

I'm just really digging the level of discourse on Lyndsay Lohan's blog. And all the fat old guys that READ her blog and then make insulting remarks. WTF?? Puh-leeeze -- read it and check it out. Thanks, TR, for pointing this out to the world. Cheers, friends!

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