Friday, August 15, 2008

The TR: Who's VP? IDK, O's BFF Hill??

The premature fall weather in D.C. reminds one of the chilly Denver mountains - or was that the outskirts of Beijing? Well, the coming Hill-O crack up at the DNC and the struggle for gold in China can't help but keep both places top of mind, weather or no. Read on for power struggles, Chinese bankers and Georgian invasions.


Does it really have to be about the Clintons all the time? Really, folks, it's time to move on. So O can be a big guy and let the roll call vote take place. He can even nicely "spin" seating the Florida and Michigan delegations (while showing that they'll vote for him). But do we have to have Hill AND Bill AND the screaming PUMAs? Sigh. Let's just hope this isn't an opportunity for Democrats to once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And, btw, people having trouble putting food on their tables and gas in their cars don't even really care about all this.

We're loving swing-state-da
rling and rising star Mark Warner in the big DNCC speaking slot. But why is Senator Bob Casey being highlighted, thus dredging up 1992 memories of Casey pere refused the honor because of his anti-choice views? Are Dems stepping up to marginalize the pro-choice lobby come November? Look for more stories on side-stepping the culture war as we head into the fall.

While the Veep rumors continue to swirl, O has thrown us Twittering
classes a bone - the announcement will be released via text message to everyone who jumps on the bandwagon. We're sure that if you haven't signed up by now, you're going to. Right after this sentence. See? At TR Central, though, we're torn on this. The Queen doesn't just give her phone number to anyone, and the Queen's English won't be found in a press release like this: "OMGZ GOT 2B B1DEN. LOL JK." We are faint at the very idea, but the mainstream media will be less delicate. Expect journos to be waving their cell phones next week while the right wing groans. (And, btw, any takers on whether we'll hear it first from a news alert anyway? Or has it been leaked already?)

A study released by the Census Bureau projects that white Americans will no longer be in the majority by 2042. While we are sure there will be anti-immigration fe
rvor sparking up again in coming weeks, foreign newspapers are speculating on the implications now. We'll have a special Scorecard for them too, don't worry. Check back in 50 years.

And, like, Washington is to
tally getting its own reality show! (Wait, wasn't that C-Span?) The producers of the award-worthy melodrama The Hills are working on an as-of-yet untitled program following several young women of privilege as they navigate the glamorous ins and outs of the District's social scene. Um - what social scene? Everyone here logs 14-hour workdays spiced up with vodka and Red Bull chasers on weekends. Oh, that's right, Lifetime will be airing it. Never mind. (Note from our Culture Minister: DC needs its own Spencer-and-Heidi. Send us your nominations now!)

The ethanol industry has redoubled its PR efforts to fight off negative press from opponents on the front lines of the energy debate. Part of the solution is launching a social networking website for ethanol producers to share information. Maizbook? Cornspace, may
be? Ooh, wait, we know: E-Refinery!

The Week That Was

In many ways there's been only one story since
last weekend. The invasion of Georgia has lit up every front page, op-ed, wire, blog and foreign news service paying attention to the emergence from hibernation of the mighty Russian bear. And the intrigue only thickened when Condi Rice helped broker a shakey cease-fire. One thing is for sure: This will be a test of the strength of our international leadership. And with the likes of David Cameron and John McCain penning aggressive op-eds, it's clear that conservatives are trying to make this their time to shine.

Important comment on the Olympic gold our swimmers are bringing home by the bag: It don't matter much, baby, b/c China basically owns the U.S. economy. Oh, you
didn't know? Well, they control a third of our trade deficit (largest ever to any country) and have scooped up tuh-rillions of dollars. So, to quote a friend of ours, they are financing our debt to live beyond our means with jobs we've already exported to them. Scary, eh?

Remember the days when the world was black and white? When the Nazis were clearly the bad guys and we were the heroes? John McCain might, but we don't - we're still as young as springtime, darlings. But we love our old movies, and so our ears perked up when we heard this week that the National Archives has released more than 35,000 top-secret personnel files of World War II-era spies. We now know that before world-famous chef Julia Child was teaching us the art of French cooking she was a spy for the Operation of Strategic Services that later evolved into the CIA. Hmm... we'll have to closely re-examine our copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking to look for hidden messages.

The New York Times may habitually be a little late on a lot of Internet trends, but sometimes it does catch up. We don't mind saying that this week it finally caught up with us - yes, our very selves. Here at the TR, we know where the media audiences are, and we've been saying for forever and a day that the scene is now focu
sed on media produced by women. The Times piece on the surge of visitors to women-oriented websites and the tsunami of advertisers who've finally figured it out should make those of you who've not listened to the Queen hang your heads in shame. You may kiss our feet when next we meet.

As a special treat this week, fair readers, a dispat
ch from the TR's Western office to stretch our minds beyond the beltway blather:

Approaching the Democratic National Convention all eyes - ours included - are on Denver, and what could be more fun than a taste of M
ile High politics? This week a wannabe pol by the name of Jared Polis celebrated his victory in the 2nd Congressional District Democratic primary. This makes him a shoo-in for the seat being vacated by Udall family scion, Mark, who is campaigning for U.S. Senate. What makes Polis' victory remarkable (okay, okay, so he spent $5.3 million of his own money on the campaign) is the fact that he's the state's first openly gay candidate to have a real crack at heading to Congress. It's proof that Colorado voters have come a long way since enactment of Amendment 2, the hate bill passed in 1992 that stripped gays and lesbians of their civil rights. Thankfully, that act was declared unconstitutional a year later, making Wednesday's Rocky Mountain News front page photo - a smiling Polis, arm raised in victory with his partner Marlon Reis - oh so much sweeter.

And, you know what? It's Friday. Why n
ot get a second treat to start your weekend off right? (Hat tip to the Guardian!)


Oh, gosh, we really nailed this one. While Georgia dominated the headlines the press has been steadily gathering around the new proposed timetable for getting out of Iraq. So much so that McCain is giving a cautious endorsement. Is there any lingering doubt that the RNC convention will turn into a grotesque "victory celebration" for Iraq? $5 trillion and thousands of lives later... yeah, we got off cheap.

Have a great weekend, folks, and snark on.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne - the Democratic0Party is to blame for this mess, not Hillary. She is entitled to a roll call what are we afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Gail Collins had an interesting column on the Hillary roll call vote. She projected "peace in the Democratic Party." It's worth reading.

SnarkySue said...

Ha!!! We were right!! CNN actually DID break the O veep announcement. Of course, the text message "It's Biden" went out at 3:45 a.m. so as to MISS the news cycle, but enterprising John King at CNN got it first. Sadly, though, they didn't send it out as an online news alert so it didn't precede the Obama texter. Hmmmmmm.... a deal with CNN?