Friday, August 29, 2008

The TR: Halfway Through and... Huh??

The presence of women in the political process has been remarkable this election cycle, and could not have been more evident at the DNC this week, where first female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and first female major-party presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton mingled in a crowd of delegates that was 51 percent women. So, we are happy to see the women's political juggernaut continue into next week's RNC.

We commend John McCain's selection of a woman, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, as his running mate. Whoever she is. Whom even Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison doesn't seem to know. But even before getting to know her and from way over here in our corner of the country, we can smell her signature scent: Eau de Gas. Heidi Montag's already been tapped for the magazine ads.

We'll get over this, though, as we relive last week and last night. The Queen's High Councilor thought that the dais, a tower of concentric circles connected by a catwalk to a stage set with American flags, glowing windows and giant video screens, made Obama look like the headliner at Superbowl Halftime. And there was something sort of sci-fi about it - would we see a giant UFO hover above Obama and beam him up? Still, the effect was stunning, and we're sure McCain peed his pants at the sight of it.

ANYWAY, albeit we had a hiatus last week, we still hung out on the blog as, speech by speech, the DNC... uh, happened.
  • The Queen was so enthused about Hillary that she couldn't resist typing madly about it on Wednesday.
  • The Culture Minister and the rest of TR Central took on contentious issues of gender and race on Thursday, saving the snark 'til the very end.
  • Her Queenliness encouraged us to replay the Obama-Biden kiss all morning long. (Very mature.)
  • Our Editor-in-Chief took one look at that stage and did a very audible forehead slap.
  • O's speech was a hit, and the Queen and her little Prince were there to see it from the couch.
  • And finally, what our Editor REALLY thinks about this Palin thing.
Where were you all week? What did you do and whose speeches did you cry over? Tell us all about it as we gear up for the RNC... Oh, and Happy Happy Birthday, Johnny Boy! ANOTHER year older, and hopefully another year wiser. Sigh.

Have a restful weekend before the convention madness starts all over again next week.

The TR Staff


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