Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Queen Speaks

TR Central has received a great deal of bitching and griping about our brief DNCC-inspired hiatus. “What – all this content and no weekly snark-fest?” bemoans one faithful reader. And another: “OK – just read your Hillary post and WHO CARES? If I want Democratic hagiography I can get that anywhere.” And finally, “I waited all day Friday for a rant against the Saddleback Mountain insanity and I get … a picture of Obama as Superman? Where are you, Queen of Snark????”

[Short break while Mommy mixes a drink.]

[Sigh.] You are RIGHT. [muffled sob]

The Queen has TRIED to be a good Democratic foot soldier. The election is TOO DAMNED IMPORTANT NOT TO BE. And Hillary’s speech – and her handing over her votes during the roll call to Obama really called for straight commentary, not snark.

(By the way, the rather dim Queenie-poo realized just last night that the roll call and Hillary’s nomination of Obama was staged to underscore that this year, in unambiguous terms, the election was and is in the hands of women. Pretty historic and big apologies for our earlier dissing of this process. Here’s a quick interesting newsflash – the cablenets didn’t catch that the roll call vote time was changed, the process was changed and a lot of Hillary’s delegates nearly missed it.)

So -- can we all put our hands together and give Joe Biden a round of applause??? Please???

Whew. Okay – here’s your snark.

Because not only did Joe, Beau and even Mama Biden participate in some damned fine stagecraft (although we were a bit distracted by Joe’s obviously recently bleached teeth and the strange plastic surgery eye tuck which made him look vaguely Chinese). Again -- not only did he give a perfectly serviceable speech…

But he was MAN ENOUGH to allow himself to be sandwiched between the two titanic egos of the Democratic party.

Good ol' Uncle Bill, after much fussing and flouncing over his assigned topic, definitely delivered. We didn’t necessarily need to hear that Bubba’s “candidate didn’t win” nor did we necessarily need the constant repetition of how much Biden added to the ticket (which seemed to imply that O’s unbearable lightness of “Yes We Can” being might not make it without Joe, rather than underscoring Biden’s positives).

Anyway – putting that tiny bit of seeming petulance aside, Bill delivered one of his great steamwinder speeches. We could feel our country’s pain should we ignore Bill’s exhortation of “NO McCAIN, NO WAY.” Was it as good as the State of the Union speech during the midst of the Lewinsky scandal? Maybe not. But what possibly could be?

And then Beau. And then Joe. And even Mama Biden. Everything was lovely.

But – did O step on Joe’s moment? Did he? I wanted Joe to bask in the limelight for his moment. I wanted the cameras to linger on him and his beautiful, big, incredibly white, tow-headed family for a moment. And if O was going to show, I wanted the money shot of Joe and O, hands clasped, raised to the ceiling.

Instead – we got Obama’s unsolicited lip lock with Jill Biden. Yeeeeeeecccccch.

As a woman who has many times in my career been the victim of the uninvited, unwanted lip lock, I could viscerally feel the complete inappropriateness of the moment. And don’t call me racist – it was plain bad manners, bad stagecraft. And O flitted all over the stage, shaking hands, ignoring Joe. I had a moment there – I was reminded of the BAD Bill Clinton. But even the bad Bubba would not screw up a choreographed moment.

So – with baited breath (and, despite the above screed, much optimism) I await the grand finale, the ascension, the historical moment in Invesco field tonight. I truly believe Obama will deliver. And I hope Michelle is around to keep his head on straight.

Signing off,

Queen of Snark


Anonymous said...

Don't make too much of nothing, Snark girl. A kiss is just a kiss...

Anonymous said...

Not racist at all Your Highness :) :) I today's culturally and racially sensitive society we have to be aware of all that we say with regard to other races and cultures; and that in itself is 'progress'. I really didn't pay that much attention to it when it happened, but now that you mention it, and I had the chance to see it over a few is kinda "OMG-ish" LOL LOL I chalk it up more as Obama going out of his way to work the crowd; rather than an attempt at trying to plant one on Biden's wife; not knocking her at all, but I'm sure there were plenty of other lips--some of whom would be more than willing LOL LOL --to engage Barak in a schmooze-a-thon LOL LOL

Michelle "appears" secure enough in herself that she wouldn't be offended or put off by it (at least I hope she's not :))

Not to digress, but I wonder who the "genius" was that scheduled the Repbulican convention? Because McCain is going to be giving his acceptance speech on the same night the NFL Kicks Off it's season, with two of the biggest media markets (Washington and New York) most likely paying more attention to the game than his speech. I would think the GOP would like to win the state of NY.

Gloria said...

And can we note Michelle Obama's tearing up over Bo Biden's retelling of his mother's and sister's tragic death and his father ready to throw over Senate seat to be there for him and his brother? In the privacy of my home, I was crying too, though it my case wasn't pretty. I connected with Michelle over that one - a smart accomplished career woman who is still mush inside.

Katie said...

I won't lie to you... a kiss is just a kiss, but we've been replaying this video steadily since about 11am. Sigh.

SnarkySue said...

Okay, Gloria, thanks. Let's DO get back to Joe Biden. Beau Biden's speech: amazing (and what did he mean when he said he wasn't going to "be there" to elect O-Joe in the Fall? Is he deploying to Iraq? Serious question...)

I was blown away by "you know you're a success when your children turn out beter than you" and "get knocked down, get back up again" and the tribute to his mother. I love it. I loved everything about Joe. He's a great addition to the ticket.

Anonymous said...

McCain's acceptance speech is the first night of the NFL season kick off? OMG that's the best news I've had all day. Or maybe it's intentional -- they don't want anyone to actually SEE McCain....

Anonymous said...

Yes...Beau's military unit will be deploying to Iraq next month. They will be there for 1 year.

SnarkySue said...

Mr. Anonymous-why-is-McCain's-speech-the-day-of-the-NFL-Kick-Off -- my husband (the King of Snark?) wants to know why Obama is giving his historic speech the same night as a Redskins pre-season exhibition game... Admittedly a much smaller audience, but he's still curious...

DeanLand said...

Best snark line this week, saved till almost the very end: "with baited breath"

Worst part of the Obama Coronation (which should *not* be truncated down to 'Obomination')Al Gore seemingly relegated to an afterthought. Good band choice for the final night, given the choices faced in Nov: Rage Against The Machine.

Thanks for providing the weekly Snark-fest, and a day early no less, surely in observation of those either getting away early for the holiday weekend, or those returning home from Denver.