Friday, August 29, 2008


So you've heard, we presume.

It's Palin.

Before everyone freaks out, before you all slap your heads and await the headlong dive into the issues that gave us migraines during the primary season - stop for a second and take a breather.

To put it simply, this is a cynical choice. Voters will see that once the excitement dies down.

But the McCain people smiled to their goofy hearts' content and figured that one woman candidate was just as good as another, before they picked someone who's been a Governor out in the arctic for about a year and a half.

As Kos points out, Palin is a creationist and a Mayor of a town of 7,000 two years ago. She's done good work but is wildly disconnected from the pressing issues of the day. She is not qualified to be President by any conceivable standard.

But now the McCain campaign is telling women to close their eyes and pretend it's Hillary and that one woman in the White House is as good as another. That Hillary's record really didn't matter in the long scheme of things. Her campaign was a chick thing, and women voters... well, they're happy as long as it's not a dude, right?

Palin is no Hillary, John. And, as our Western Office director (and heartland hannah -- hi there!) points out, her husband is an oil production worker. With her vast amount of inexperience, she'd be a heartbeat away from the red phone.

- Neal Fersko, Editor-in-Chief


SnarkySue said...

A creationist??? And incredibly anti-choice, btw (thanks NARAL's Nancy Keenan for letting us know).

Aiiiiiii.... She can't possibly even be a temptation to the PUMAs.

How... disrespectful!

CyndyM said...

I can't believe I ever saw anything in McCain.


I think it's realism more than cynicism for one to put good odds on the likelihood of Senator McCain kicking it before 4 years go Palin is a scary choice, regardless of her politics.

Please o please let the Media focus on this issue rather than the gender b.s.

Katie said...

Oh, they won't. You know they won't.

Although the bloggers will focus on every tiny detail of this, so SOMEONE out there will be stating the obvious, aside from us.

SnarkySue said...

Love what FreudianVacation told me earlier -- that Lieberman was McCain's real choice and Rove nixed it. And Palin was a last-minute pick. Like when someone opens the envelope at the Oscars and they say ... "huh.. what?" and look more closely before they announce the film.

CyndyM said...

I have to stop surfing the blogosphere. It’s making me crazy. The latest theme?

“Palin is going to be a heavyweight in foreign policy because she’s used to staring Russia in the face.”

Um, yeah, Russia is closer to Alaska than it is to the US mainland. But….WTF kind of leap of logic is that??????

SnarkySue said...

"Omigawd, who knows how the hell to please women," said the King of Snark this morning (also known affectionately as "The Crank" to the faithful TR audience). "She has the equipment, doesn't she? She's finally breaking that glass ceiling, isn't she?"

"Uuuuuhhhh, but honey," says the QoS, "She's a CREATIONIST, she doesn't believe in SCIENCE."

"Yes," says angry Nascar Dad. "But it will be good have a thoroughly F-able woman as President."

"But she'd be VP!" moans the Queen, head in hands.

"President -- SOON." responds Monsieur le Crank as he heads out the door.


SnarkQueen said...

Okay -- just because we HAVE to stoop to this level -- check out this rumor circulating among the Netroots that Palin's 4-month-old is actually her teenage daughter's 4-month-old.

The Crank said...

McCain looks so much younger, smarter and in charge with a gorgeous young woman on his arm. Great going, John!

Ben said...

A friend referred to the "on-going Gov. Palin Jerry Springer episode" and I suddenly realized that Palin's family situation is probably -- perversely -- going to draw votes. People who see Obama as a smartypants elitist will look at Palin and feel sympathy and identification. "She's no better than me," they'll think. "Her family has trouble, like mine does, and she's doing her best to cope, like I am, and she's being mocked by the liberal elite, just like I would be if I were picked for Veep. She and I may not be Rhodes Scholars or President of the Harvard whatever, but we know what's right. If she can make it to the White House, so could I! A vote for her is like a vote for me!" If Biden condescends to or embarrasses her during their debate, no matter how clueless her statements may be, she's going to get votes.

CyndyM said...

Update on my comment, above, regarding the Republican claim that Ms. Palin's tenure as Alaska's Governor means she has "...faced down Russia..." :

"Yeah, well she also lives near the North Pole, so she knows Santa Claus."
-Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, Sep 3 2008

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