Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary ROCKED the HOUSE

I will join the general praise. Hillary ROCKED THE HOUSE last night at the DNCC.

She struck all the right notes. She threaded everything together. One can't help but love the personal stories — and her exhortation to her followers — are you working for ME or are you working for THEM?

The closing Harriet Tubman reference was BRILLIANT. Not only because she joined a woman's achievement with African American achievement, but because it’s true — if you read Jane Mayer’s new book on how Bush et al have undermined our civil liberties, you will see the dogs of despotism are truly howling and barking behind us — not quite on our heels — far enough away that some of us can ignore the sound, close enough that we should all be afraid. I’ll paraphrase Hillary quoting Tubman here:

“If you hear the dogs barking, keep going. If you hear them yelling after you, keep going. If you see the lights behind you, keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”

Or as Thomas Jefferson said:

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

We’ve come to just such a crossroads in our country’s history. Perhaps the speakers at the DNCC aren’t outlining forcefully enough just how dire things are bc they are courting critical independents and swing voters. (Although if you are actually listening to the speeches instead of the cablenets, you'll hear some pretty forceful language.)

But a vote for McCain is a vote for the forces of darkness, a vote for the status quo, an endorsement of the government of the last eight years.

Hillary gets this. She expressed this. She told everyone -- put aside any differences and vote for the future of our country.

Whew. Screed over.

(But, p.s., did anyone other than me notice that Ellie Smeal, head of the Feminist Majority Foundation and, arguably, one of the strongest heads of NOW, was seated behind Biden and Michelle Obama? So she was in all the cutaways. Brilliant piece of orchestration by the DNC (if that’s what it was — Ele is such a street fighter that she may have gotten that seat on her own).

Cheers — later — can’t wait to see/hear/read more.


Anonymous said...

Indeed...EXCELLENT speech by Hillary...truly one of the defining moments in American political history. Bill [Clinton] could not have done better himself, but we'll see tonite. And I know no one really noticed, but as a former employee of Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX), I couldn't help but notice how she was sitting in the Clinton's box, only a couple of seats away from Bill (LMAO!!). Wonder where she'll be sitting for Bill's speech tonite? LOL You see, Sheila, "affectionately" known as "SJL" among staffers in her office, always seemed to find her way in front of a camera at any event where there's media. While I didn't mean to digress, Hillary supporters should hold their heads up high and feel good about the work she's done the last 18 months. As many of us know, winning a contest such as a presidential nomination isn't always about who's the better or more qualified candidate, sometimes its about who has the most momentum; and no one can deny that Obama has had much of it, starting with the Iowa caucus.

Republican Rudolph Guliani said that Hillary's speech supports the GOP's claim that Obama lacks the experience necessary to lead the nation, and that Hillary didn't explain why Obama would be a good president.

And lastly....I gotta give props--and a few chuckles--to Hillary's quip that it was fitting that the GOP's convention is being held in the Twin Cities, because it's hard to distinguish the difference between McCain and Bush...LMAO LMAO!! Touche Hillary!! :) :)

SnarkySue said...

Okay -- gotta take on your Giuliani comment. Hillary didn't "define Obama"? Like that was her job? I thought Michelle had that assignment Monday pm and passed with with flying colors. Gimme a break. Everyone's been shouting "the Dems are losing an opportunity at the DNCC bc they won't aren't defining McCain" "they aren't defining the Republicans."

Not only does Hillary step up and totally kick a** telling her supporters to get behind Obama, as you point out she also takes on McCain and the last eight years of igominous Republican "failed leadership".

If that's all Republican surrogate Guiliani can come up with, it really underlines the success of Hillary's speech.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Republicans know they're in political hot water-- weak economy, huge budget deficit, the country losing respect worldwide, and we're STILL fighting and LOSING the so-called war on terrorism--so they have to say and do whatever they can to distract from the mess they've made. President Clinton gave a remarkable speech last night, definitely made me PROUD to be an American, something I haven't felt since 2001.

PunditMom said...

I noticed Smeal, too!

Gloria said...

And now I'm also in love with Joe Biden. Obama may be the ultra-cool guy you had a crush on from afar, but Biden's the guy next door whom you can count on to do the right thing with passion and conviction. To me, that's the ultimate in sexy manliness.