Friday, July 11, 2008

The TR: O Swings Right, Journalism Not Dead Yet But Helms Finally Is

The beach beckons, Dear Reader, yet here we are glued to our laptops. Especially depressing as we watch Barack de-liberalize and realize that we won't be joining the cool Netroots kids in Austin. The only bright spot this week was glimpsing those adorable Obama daughters on Access Hollywood - an opportunity apparently not to be repeated ...


Look for the Left's very own angry-right-wing-radio (that is, the blogosphere) to skewer, rage and tremble about Obama and FISA, Obama and faith-based initiatives, and Obama's over-all pre-convention lurch to the middle. Sulphurous puffs of outrage will rise up from Bethesda, Md., Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, where eminent speakers will talk about politics at the annual conventions of NOW, Netroots Nation and BlogHer.

Please tell the Queen, dearies: Is the Big O simply showing that he wants to be President of all Americans, not just the netroots? Or is it that Mark Penn (now partnered with Karen Hughes, whose last gig was to sell democracy to the mullahs at the behest of Bush) and other pricey New Democrat consultants have moved to the Obama payroll? Let's hope we don't witness another horror show of top-dollar counsel demolishing yet another Dem frontrunner.

But we can ALL have a little fun on both sides of the aisle. Despite all the red meat McCain's been throwing them, conservatives are still pummeling him. Since all their potential golden boys flopped in the primaries, right wing groups like the Eagle Forum are pledging to wrest control of the GOP platform from McCain at the convention this summer. Look for furthur ripples in red state waters as the summer progresses.

Did you catch Henry Kissinger's op-ed in the Post in favor of cozying up to the new Russian leadership? While we dust off our standard-issue dorm-room copy of Statecraft, we contemplate the possibility that the media may return to a narrative of geopolitical brinkmanship for the first time in years. It's about time too - living a never-ending cowboy picture at the U.N. is proving to be too much.

The Week That Was

We extend a warm welcome to the new editor of the Washington Post, Marcus Brauchli (pronounced BROW-klee in case you wish to avoid embarrassment at cocktail parties), fresh from being ousted from the Wall Street Journal by Rupert Mordor, er, Murdoch. Brauchli smartly plans to combat declining revenues and decreased print readership by combining the Post's online and print operations. Could be a trend?

Non-profit newsroom ProPublica is increasing its staff by six members. What a relief to finally hear about a news organization that's growing! Wait, there's more: The Carnegie Corp. of New York and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced an $11 million expansion of their journalism education initiative to counter the current crisis in the news media. Well now, we're at least momentarily optimistic! has introduced its media ticket for 2008. According to the blog, we should be welcoming Politico's chief political correspondent Mike Allen as our nation's new president. Check the list to find out which other geniuses made the cut to "run the country."

Are you @#%*ing kidding me? Apparently, an increasing number of advertisers are now purposely writing swear words into their commercials for the sole purpose of bleeping them out. The bleeped out curses attract the attention of viewers and create a "real-life" flavor. Some might think the general public is dumb as %@#$, but we predict they'll figure out the commercials are fake.

Iranian missiles flew over the Middle East in military exercises, but exactly how many, we're not sure. While the Iranian state-run media agency may suck at Photoshop, their skills were good enough to fool the eagle eyes of photo editors at, among others, Agence France-Presse, the LA Times and MSNBC.

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose at home. The stock market plummeted, oil went up again, our relationship with Israel was strained and hawks-turned-vultures are craving a fight against Iran. Summertime is supposed to be happy and carefree, yet here we sit at risk of desk rage.

America's right-wing uncle bit the big one on the Fourth of July. Yes, Senator Jesse Helms shared with Founding Fathers Jefferson and Adams the honor of expiring on our country's birthday. The Queen happens to be from North Carolina, and as a young girl actually knew Jesse (when he seemed like a good old uncle, not the prince of darkness). But oh, how disillusioned she became! She certainly doesn't blame those whose eulogies were tinged with bitterness....

Is summer now the season of parting rather than partying? Christie Brinkley reached an out-of-court settlement with Husband No. 4 Peter Cook, Cynthia Rodriguez slapped a divorce petition on Yankee third baseman A-Rod, and Madge denied rumors of a split with Guy Ritchie amid rumors of A-Rod sightings at her NY apartment in the wee hours. All we can say is pre-nup, people, pre-nup.


Pretty much right on last week, and who can blame us for failing to predict the Iranian Photoshopped-missile crisis?


We received kudos from several of you for keeping it going even as summer doldrums took over Washington. We feel our pain. And we thank you for noticing.

Have a great weekend and snark on!

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