Friday, June 13, 2008

The TR: Daddios, Tomatoes and GITMO

While the economy eats at everyone's summer vacation plans, we wonder what the fuss is all about. Our devotion to the TR is such that "vacation" isn't even in our vocabulary.


The Supremes spanked Dubya a 5-4 ruling that GITMO detainees have a right to appeal their detention in federal court. But don't think Bush and Co. will let this political football go. Expect this decision to spawn a new flurry of ultra-patriotic terrorism legislation -- the perfect wedge issue for the GOP over the long, hot months to come.

The Senate will look at interactive advertising next week on the heels of invasive "behavioral" marketing techniques from Internet providers. If you're curious about what your online providers know about you and plan to attend the hearings, bring an air-sickness bag with your ACLU card.

There's a new gang in town, folks. Fourteen GOP legislators have refused to endorse John McCain, the foremost among them retiring Sen. Chuck Hagel. Is someone booking a room in Denver for this man yet? If this is a quid pro quo for McCain putting Joe Lieberman front and center, Dems should feel a little guilty for getting such the better deal.

Yahoo! refused Microsoft's marriage proposal in order to plunge into a 10-year advertising affair with the much hunkier Google. Microsoft's aggressive wooing backfired, leaving Google to continue its steady conquest of the universe. Who's the hero and who's the villain here, it's hard to say, but Yahoo!'s choice marks a major turning point in how online business is done, and it will be all over the trades starting early next week.

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, NY Times Magazine will run a story about "equal parenting" in modern times. Um, equal? Unless they're setting up daycare at Home Depot, we're not quite there yet. Still, Dad does deserve one day. Even if Mom has to do all the work. Again.

The Week That Was

With Hillary out of the spotlight (and seemingly off the face of the earth), Katie Couric ascended to the role of U.S. Woman Drawing the Most Fire after she excoriated the media for its sexism during the dearly departed primary from hell. We're a bit old-fashioned about the appropriateness of editorializing from an anchor's chair, no matter what the subject. But we also think progressives should take a good hard look at the boys' club dominating the blogosphere and cable news. Having reviewed the slurs used against Hillary in the heat of battle, who could conclude otherwise?

Fox News network came up with a cute little nickname for Michelle Obama. Oh wait... cute and racist aren't the same thing? "Obama's baby mama" -- do they even know what that means? Before throwing around "hip" or "young" terms to shore up ratings, they need to look it up, people, look it up!

It's this sort of nastiness that inspired Obama's people to assemble a crack staff to monitor thewild jungle that is the 24/7 news cycle. Their marquee achievement, thus far, has been "Fight the Smears," a website designed to root out right-wing slander against the campaign.

Eek, it's Attack of the Killer Produce Puns! The tomato-salmonella scare is wreaking havoc on the tomato market both here and abroad. Meanwhile, media types and clever bloggers are having a field day with silly word play. Time to stick a fork in it!

Pew released the results of a new poll on what the world thinks about the US. And thank goodness, it's improved. Slightly. Turns out that the only thing shoring up our standing in the world is anticipation of Bush's impending departure. For those of you flacks looking for steady
State Department work, better update your resumes soon. Massive PR hiring is coming!


Where have the Queen of Snark's Court been hanging this week? At the Art of Political Campaigning conference with some of the nation's top political consultants. Yes, it was a heavy spin zone, but we're happy to report (live from the Marriott) that we still feel like we know up from down, and we're working on right from wrong.

Remember those permanent bases in Iraq that we said were going up soon? Despite the administration's denials, it looks like the deal will be done in July as part of a US-Iraq
. This is our country's most open-ended commitment to the war, but the left has yet to mount an effective public outcry. This must change. Now!

But it's Friday and we're too hot for outrage. We'll start fresh next week. Have a great weekend, all.

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