Friday, June 6, 2008

Hillary Agonistes, Dick and the Dap

Finally, bleary-eyed and dazed, we round a bend and see it looming in the distance. Is it a mirage? Is it... Is it... Yes, it's the general election! Only 151 more days! Can we make it? YES WE... uh, how did that go again?


The Obama Veep committee, under pressures variously hidden, obvious, pragmatic and Byzantine, now embarks on a quest for the magic candidate who will complement the presumptive" nominee, deliver a key state or constituency and help seal the deal in November. Our analysis: Caroline Kennedy's symbolic stature will give weight to her recommendation.

Time Warner's plan to charge customers for Internet bandwidth is re-sparking net-neutrality debates, with commentators predictably balking at the prospect of paying more for something that just seems like it should be free (bandwidth = the air we breathe). What are these poor customers to do? Hope for someone and his merry men to take free Internet from the few and bring it to the unnecessarily-billed. Verizon, can you hear us now?

The more the Administration denies the rumored secret plans for permanent bases in Iraq, the more plausible it sounds. The subterranean quality of the story is primed to become a major issue now that the general election is at our door.

GM comes to Capitol Hill next week to show off the all-electric Chevy Volt. With climate-change legislation under fierce attack in Congress, the Dems need some shiny toys to complement their "science homework" talking points. Let's hope they get their message across.

And the World Naked Bike Ride graces fair Washington this Saturday. It's billed as a protest against our dependency on foreign oil. Fine, but let's face it: Denizens of the District are more likely to push paper than pump iron. Might the prospect of confrontations with au naturale Washingtonians ironically spark a stampede to gas up and get the hell out of Dodge?

The Week That Was

Well, slow week. Certainly some rocky weather across the country, but not much to report...

Oh yeah, that.
The hubris is so thick you can cut it lean and serve it as satire. Hillary, we thought you knew better than this. First there's the concession speech which conceded math instead of the election. Then a post-Conan, pre-dreamland email to your Listserv at 1:30 AM to declare you'll back Obama. And they didn't even contact O's campaign first. Should we be expecting her support, due this weekend, to arrive by Pony Express? Bah, if she's going for VP in earnest, she has to leave the campaign strategies that failed her in the past. The new VoteBoth movement created by ex-Clinton staffers is a promising start. But to win Obama's favor she may also have to learn the art of dap. (That's a fist pound, for all of you who didn't know, ahem.)

We'd like to take this moment to declare a found farewell to our primary coverage at TR Central. Much like WP's Richard Cohen, we felt it turned into a rather loathsome affair for some of this
generation's best political minds. Many of our writers and operatives toiled in the aimless fields of sound bytes and media strategy trying to discern the shape of this race. We're pretty sure Joe Biden got mentioned once as well, but we wouldn't put money on it. Anyhow, look out for the commemorative plates.

If Hillary really wants to prove herself as the best candidate for Vice President, she's going to have to hire a crack team to come up with some incest jokes the country hasn't heard yet. In this area, Cheney has set the bar pret-ty darn high.

The two top Air Force officers in the country were fired this week after accidentally sending nuclear fuses to Taiwan. This is only one of a string of mishaps involving our military and nuclear weapons. Swell. Remember when BOTH candidates in '04 called proliferation the top issue? Perspective, people - it's a godsend. Someone needs to make room for this in the public discourse.

And a study found that teens feel more comfortable telling computers their health problems than speaking to actual people, like their parents. Which is understandable. Everyone has to answer to their own Queen Mother of Snark sooner or later. And at those times, Facebook family reunions are easier to digest than the real McCoy.


Pfizer and their push to save the product Chantix resurfaced in the financial pages. The press smelled blood and investors followed the same nose. Stock in Pfizer plummeted, complete with a downgrade from Goldman Sachs. Hey, this financial stuff is easier than we thought. The Turner Market Update has a nice ring to it...


Anonymous said...

I've got my clients sayng that Caroline's presence is more than symbolic: she's exercising Uncle Ted's veto. Whomever it is will be a skilled player able to navigate the byzantine health care wars successfully.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me if I thought Obama would be possible without the Cosby Show. (Yes, and this was a progressive person, not a racist, just a genuinely curious communications professional).

After some thought I replied that I think actually O might have gotten a bigger lift from President David Palmer on "24."

So what do folks think? Bill or David? Totally racist? Or just an honest thought -- white folks getting more comfortable with black folks as their roles change in the popular media?

Gloria said...

I actually think that modern racism goes way beyond the color of a person's skin. It includes all the baggage that comes with it -- the historical resentments, the stereotypes, etc. With his background, Obama is largely free of such baggage, which shows in how he carries himself and also in how people perceive him knowing his background. That's why he is so appealing.

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