Friday, May 16, 2008

The TR: Neville Chamberlain, San Francisco Weddings and Child Mayors

We're as weary as Hillary winning WVA to no applause, but, alas, without the iron lady's mega-watt-for-the-cameras smile. It's hard to be cheerful with all that mess in Burma and China. Come right in and cheer us up, dear reader.


Expect continued hand-wringing over when and how Hillary quits the race, regardless of the number of wins or delegates she racks up. That old quid-pro-quo rumor is making the rounds again: "Please quit and we'll make you Senate Majority Leader." Perhaps the ink's not yet dry on that deal, or maybe her primary victories are keeping her hopes alive (she is projected to take Kentucky), but we see no signs that she'll drop out. And shouldn't we be glad little girls all over the country are being taught to not give up?

In the bat of an eye the "100 Years War" has shrunk to five. McCain promised on the stump this week a greatly reduced presence in Iraq by 2013, perhaps in response to DNC attacks. He must be running for Miss America. This mother of all flip-flops will make the Sunday show rounds.

O apparently is NOT Adlai Stevenson -- he's Neville Chamberlain and pro-Hitler... oops, I meant Ahmanijead. Wow! Who knew? MSM is appalled and conservative talk radio delighted that Lame Duck President makes moves to change presidential dialogue BACK to terrorism. Hillary, though, is saying nice things about O but claming SHE'd do it all differently.Who wins this one? O, of course, 'cuz he's the guy to beat. Expect more blather. IOW, it'll be just business as usual in the talking heads biz.

Burma and China will stay in the news -- and how could they not? Just as the world was struggling to cope with the devastation in Myanmar, a 7.8 earthquake left tens of thousands dead in Sichuan province, China. Expect journalists to further highlight how each country's attitude towards human rights has informed its response to the humanitarian crisis.

We'll see some political grandstanding on China and Burma, too. Though with the cost of fighting two wars, a possible third, and bailing out the mortgage industry, there's not much left to pull out of the US cupboard -- there are no Narnias back there, after all. If you'd personally like to help, here are two TR-approved charities: Mercy Corps and Save the Children.

President Bush is slated to veto the coming Farm Bill, which should reach his desk sometime next week. Expect a rare override (c'mon--Congress has been working on this pork-barrel charade for months). Don't you just love a multi-billion dollar corporate giveaway while Joe and Mary Six-Pack are struggling to buy food and gas? Where are the objections of Senators Johnny-boy, Hill or O? Oh, yeah, it's election year.

In a close decision, the California Supreme Court overturned the law restricting same-sex marriage. While the victory for fairness and equality gladdened our black little hearts, how exciting to have a new political football just in time for the desperate right. Keep an eye out for the resurrection of divisive legislation that asks senatorial presidential candidates -- or just plain senatorial candidates -- to take a side on the issue.

The Week That Was

So you're Hillary Clinton. After you crushed Obama in West Virginia, you plan to record interviews with everyone in a media blitz. Things are going swimmingly well, then -- BAM! -- John Edwards endorses O, and becomes the "get" of the evening. Poor, poor Hillary.

Meanwhile, NARAL threw its support to Obama, much to the public chagrin of EMILY's List. They might have changed their minds if they'd seen Obama calling a female reporter "sweetie" before giving her the brush off. Is it any wonder Hillary has commanding leads among women? (And just when the Queen thought it was safe to fall back in love with the Big O. Sigh.)

Bill O'Reilly's decade-plus old tantrum on the set of Inside Edition is the viral video de jour. Does it tell us anything new about the man? Probably not. But it's a powerful reminder that in a digital world, buried sins don't stand much of a chance of staying buried long.

Google has now passed Yahoo! as the most popular website in
America. To all of you Gmailers with your ever helpful Google Readers, your day has come. With Google's top-tier status now thoroughly cemented, we'll be trolling around over the next few weeks to see what young upstarts are trying to upstage the new King of the Mountain.

And The Hill has asked the remaining 97 senators who aren't running for president whether they'd accept a VP slot on either ticket in the fall. It's little tests like these that either prove a senator's sense of humor (i.e. Ted Kennedy and Lisa Murkowski) or his or her deep psychological issues (Claire McCaskill). Our favorite response was from Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, who, in the fine tradition of Limbaugh's Shock and Awe campaign, simply replied, "I'd say, 'No, Hillary.'"

Finally, next week, Muskogee, Oklahoma will inaugurate its new mayor, John Tyler Hammons. So why is this news? He's a nineteen-year-old college freshman who ousted someone 51 years his senior. We just hope his mom doesn't serve PB&J at the after party -- we all must be sensitive about kids with nut allergies. TR tip: "friend" Tyler now, because he's destined for Internet stardom.

Reader Comments

We received many guffaws from readers over the stolen-from-Slate comment that Hillary can only win by single-handedly capturing Osama Bin Laden (but only if O is caught on tape punching a baby). Perhaps Gail Collins at the New York Times was also reading, as she wrote today that Hill could turn the tide only if Thomas Jefferson's head on Mount Rushmore came to life and started shouting, "You go, girl!"


NRCC Chair Tom Davis' meltdown fulfilled our predix better than even we could have anticipated. His forecast: a "bloodbath" for the GOP in the fall. This comes on the heels of the GOP special election loss in Mississippi. Hey, if you can't win with a Rev. Wright race bait in the heart of the Confederacy, where can you?

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Queen of Snark said...

Well, got to hand it to Obama. (Or maybe he's reading the TR.) We BEGGED for him to start making headlines, and he obliged by calling for a full-blown foreign policy smack-down with Bush/McCain (McBush?) Read the analysis and watch the video here:

This means the campaign has officially moved on with or without Hillary. McBush see O as the guy to beat, and the conversation is now between them. Hill is toeing the party line (still holding out for Majority Leader?) by not calling O out during the debate.

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